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..... Christmas - it means tradition 
and we continue with the
Christmas Mystery 2012 at Quilt-Design - design Merete Veian

Christmas Mystery 2011 is only available in Norwegian 

You still find her earlier designs on my site:
Christmas Mystery 2010 - 2009 - 2008 - 2007
- 2006 - 2005 - 20042003 - 2002 - 2001

Baby Log Cabin
Size: 25 x 25 inch 
Technique: Foundation Paper Piecing
Larger image -  Pattern PDF - file

You need to have installed  Adobe Reader on your computer in order to be able to open the PDF file.



All the Children of this World 
a special project

French translation available



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Cat applique block & tree FPP
Information downloading PDF files and use of Adobe Reader

You might want to RIGHT CLICK on the link above and select "SAVE TARGET AS" or "SAVE LINK AS" and save the file to your hard drive. This way you can print the pattern later on being off-line. Minimize the window for downloading and you can surf the net while downloading the file.

You will need Adobe Reader in order to download the pattern. The pattern and instructions for part 1are 3 pages total, part 2 has 3 pages, so be patient when you start downloading the pattern - it might happen that you will have a blank page for quite a while before Adobe shows the pattern ready for print. And please make sure that "Fit to page" is NOT marked when you print the pattern pages.

In order to control the accuracy of your print you will find a 1 inch square printed on the pattern page. Check the square for its size. It should print exactly at 1 inch.  

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